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  1. The Perfect Small Kitchen

    The Perfect Small Kitchen
    Want to get the most from a small kitchen but not sure where to start? 7 tips to help you make your space feel bigger.
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  2. Stay Fire Safe

    Stay Fire Safe

    Get your home fire safe and in line with the proposed Scottish guidelines with this quick guide.

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  3. Fitting the Perfect Door

    Fitting the Perfect Door
    So, you have chosen the doors you would like in your home but not sure what size to order?
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  4. Embrace Blue

    Embrace Blue
    Embrace the Pantone colour of the year and introduce some blue into your interior spaces.
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  5. Top Tips When Thinking of Installing a Wood Burning Stove

    We have compiled a list of 8 wood burning stove safety tips every homeowner needs to know….
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  6. Enjoy the sunshine in style – all from your own garden

    Enjoy the sunshine in style – all from your own garden
    If we have learnt anything over these last few months, it’s to appreciate the little things in life.
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  7. Planting Hyacinths for Christmas

     Planting Hyacinths for Christmas
    It may be too soon to talk about Christmas, but not if you plan on enjoying beautiful Hyacinths during the festive period. Our Garden Centre team have created a step by step guide on growing Hyacinths.
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  8. Wise Words on Watering:

    Wise Words on Watering:
    Plants should be able to source enough water for themselves between April and October, but that is not always the case... especially when the summer sun decides to appear.
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  9. In the Garden: August & September

    In the Garden:  August & September
    August is typically a warm month, therefore it is imperative to water your plants daily.
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  10. Flowers

    How to make your own hanging baskets
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  11. Ten Garden Related Tasks for a Rainy Day:

    Ten Garden Related Tasks for a Rainy Day:
    When it’s a horrible rainy day where better to be than nice and dry in the potting shed.
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  12. Edible Flowers

    Edible Flowers
    Flowers are in fact just as delicious as vegetables and can add a little extra colour to your dishes.
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