Gardening In August

Gardening in August

August promises sizzling summer barbecues with friends, enjoying beautiful ornamental borders and eating the fruits of your labour too. Making a good start on maintenance jobs, weeding, watering and deadheading as well as keeping an eye on trees, shrubs or plants in pots and hanging baskets. They are likely to be the thirstiest and in need of watering. Here are our top jobs for this month:

Ornamental Garden Jobs:

  • Keep the lawn well fed and watered
  • Mow the lawn and keep the edges cut - due to the exceptionally hot and dry weather you may need to raise the height of the mower if you want to keep the lawn green
  • Watering - Plants will be thirsty so any that are looking a bit tired and wilting will be in need of drink. Water them immediately and again later in the day when the temperature has dropped
  • Continue to dehead, especially dahlias which should now be in their prime.
  • Remember to spray and feed your roses.
  • Its ok to now trim the hedge - the birds should have finished nesting so now's the time to get your hedges back in shape.
  • Evergreen Shrubs can also be clipped too.
  • Seed collection can also now be started and seed pods from your existing plants.
  • For those of you with Wisteria, then now is the time to prune the current season's growth back 5 - 6 leaves.

Vegetable Garden Jobs:

  • Main Crop Potatoes should now be ready for lifting
  • You can also harvest your garlic and lift onions too.
  • New Strawberry Plants can also be planted.
  • The non-flowering stems of grapes can also now be trimmed cutting back to one leaf from the main branch

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